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Communications Committee

Mission Statement

The communication committee strives to serve as the connecting link between the ASCE-Pittsburgh Section and its membership, including Technical Institutes, Committees, and Advisors, as well as the conduit for reaching out to elected officials, the media, and the general public.  The communications committee oversees the website, newsletter/blog, social media accounts, and public relations to ensure consistent messaging and up-to-date content is provided to our members and the public at large.


  • Effectively communicate benefit of ASCE Section, Institute and Affiliated Group activities to members and potential members.
  • Provide mechanism for members to provide feedback on issues required for career development.
  • Promote, on a local level, ASCE National’s strategic initiatives, such as:
    • Raise the grades on America's infrastructure
    • Raise the bar for future entry into professional engineering practice
    • Achieve a more sustainable natural and built environment.
  • Promote the profession and provide thought leadership to our civic and elected officials.
  • Providing the Section’s history, purpose, strategic goals, by-laws and officers and directors contact data.
  • Convey in a timely manner upcoming activities, news, convocations, and related information.
  • Provide e-addresses, links, e-forms and other contact information for members.
  • Store archives of recent events and providing links to our social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Nationals, etc.)
  • Promote our sponsors and our Section’s achievements.

Relevant PR Outlets:

Relevant content:

  • News-blog on website
  • Public forum on website
  • Job postings on website
  • Website main page
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked-In
  • E-mails
  • Print articles
    • About us
    • By us
  • TV Appearances
  • Radio Slots
  • Billboards
  • Blog posts on other sites
  • Webinars
  • Flyers
  • Press Releases or similar events
  • PPT Presentations
  • Trade shows
  • Event announcements
  • Event summaries / Photos
  • Award announcements
  • Personal profiles – board members
  • Personal profiles – distinguished members
  • Personal profiles – past award winners
  • Student activities
  • Government Relations activities
  • ASCE History (#TBT)
  • Feature projects
  • Committee reports and initiatives

Committee Members

                         Linda Kaplan
               Events and Website Manager

          Erin Feichtner
Blog and Website Manager

          Alma Rettinger
      Karen Mueser

Greg Scott

       Alma Rettinger

Jonathan Shmiko

    Tom Batroney


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