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President's Message

May 2024


As a well-known song lyric I remember, “you don’t know what you got till its gone”. That could have been a simple summary of my year as President of the Pittsburgh ASCE Section. It seems to have taken all year to get involved in every incredible activity that the Section does, and now it is time to hand over the Presidency to the next officer. We are fortunate to have Alma Rettinger, PE, veteran of many Section committees and activities, stepping up as incoming President. We also welcome three new Directors to the Board, a new Treasurer, and several new institute chairs.

I must pass along my gratitude to those who gave their time and effort to make this year a success. Participation at our Institute meetings, our involvement with local schools, universities, and colleges, has increased, and many of the projects and engineers in our region, that have made substantial contributions to our area, have been recognized for their efforts.

The efforts of our recent Board members and committee chairs have produced a new enthusiasm in our activities and events. So even with this year winding down, the next year is already being planned. We are looking for better ways to keep everyone informed about the Section activities and to educate our membership about the many benefits that accompany your ASCE membership. The next year promises to be even better as new board members and committee chairs are already actively preparing for next year’s events. These events will provide opportunities for networking and professional growth.

To our current members and new members at every stage of their careers, especially graduating students, as the song goes, don’t wait till it’s gone. Stay connected and take advantage of all the benefits, events, education, community support, and professional networking that comes with your ASCE membership.

Hope to see you at an ASCE event next year!

Bill Trimbath, PE

ASCE Pittsburgh Section President

Section Past Presidents at the May 2024 Past-President's Luncheon

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