President's Message

October 2021

Dear Members,

At the end of September, I attended the ASCE Presidents and Governor Virtual Forum. The Forum brought together members from across the world to share ideas and information about activities their ASCE sections are doing and how they utilize the resources offered through ASCE. The extensive list of benefits that members can access may actually feel overwhelming if you really look at what all is offered to us! Personally, the member benefits I use most include the Source email that contains industry related headlines from across the nation, the on-demand free PDHs, free salary range information, and Section events. I encourage each of you to take 20 minutes out of your day, explore the updated ASCE Society website and find the member benefits that work for you. As a reminder you must renew your membership to keep access to your benefits current. These benefits can be summarized as:

  • Professional development opportunities from expanding your network
  • Improvement of your leadership skills by being part of a committee or board
  • Opportunities for you to directly influence the profession through legislative fly-ins and participation in the development of infrastructure report cards
  • Resources for completing your continuing education credits required by the state
  • Personal fulfillment and life-changing connections through volunteer opportunities in your community.

Now that you're becoming more familiar with the WHY, you might start to consider the HOW. A common issue I hear from members is that they do not know how to explain to their employers the benefits of paying for their ASCE membership. In my experience, obtaining reimbursement from your company hinges on communication during the upcoming financial year budgeting season. To address that, the Utah Section recently developed an elevator pitch with expanded talking points to help members have discussions with their managers on budgeting for ASCE membership in the coming year’s expenses. Highlights of these talking points were:

  • Your Company is going to be spending this money anyway.
  • The money spent on your ASCE membership will not only save money and potentially increase your profitability, but it will make you a better representative of the company.
  • This in turn will bring in more work, which brings more profit.
  • Your supervisor can’t afford to not pay for your membership.

This summary is demonstrated by the following points that apply to you: Free PDH’s, publication discounts on industry standards, standard contract documents available for download, as well as marketing exposure and networking for not only you but your company as well.

And speaking of networking, recognition, and other great benefits, some of you might be curious if we’re hosting the annual kick-off dinner this year. Due the rise in COVID cases in Allegheny County, the board made the decision to host a scaled down alternative that will still honor this and last year’s Lifetime member inductees, and so the Pittsburgh Section will be hosting dinner for the 2021 and 2021 Life Time Member inductees (space is limited). The list of 2021 Life members and details for the event can be found on the section website ASCE Pittsburgh Section - Life Members. And because Lifetime Achievement starts with participation, don’t forget to also check out the upcoming events ASCE Pittsburgh Section - Calendar of Events  our Institutes and Younger Member Form have planned this month that might be of interest to you or your co-workers.

Thank you for your support,

Erin Feichtner, P.E.

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