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Communications Committee Review Process

The ASCE-Pittsburgh Communications Committee should review all submitted articles before it can be posted on the ASCE-PGH blog, Rocks, Roads, Ripples N’ At.  The committee should ensure the content of these posts are of acceptable quality expected from this professional group.  Communications Committee members are encouraged to base their decision on overall content of the article, as opposed to writing style.


The content of the article must be related to Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Content should not appear biased, unfounded, politically-charged, or otherwise inappropriate.


All figures and content included in the post should be properly cited, and the references listed at the end of the post in the ACS format.

Approval Process

Before each article is posted, the article will be distributed via email to the Communications Committee.  Members on the Communications Committee will have 4-6 days to review the article.  If a member choses to reject the article, the reasons must be described in an email.  After the allotted time, the majority vote for accept/reject of the article will be decided.  Articles with the majority vote “accept” will be posted within 7 days.  Articles with the majority vote “reject” will be returned to the author with the reasons for rejection previously described in the online survey.

Please contact Erin Feichtner with questions.    

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