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ASCE Members share on local STEM focused Podcast

03 Oct 2021 12:03 PM | Anonymous

To all with a curious mind,

Recently, as creator and host of the Everything STEAM Podcast, I published an episode called Sinking Cities that featured Sebastian Lobo Guerrero, a key member of the American Society of Civil Engineer’s Pittsburgh Chapter (ASCE) and employee of American Geotechnical & Environmental Services. In 2020 he was voted Civil Engineer of the Year for ASCE’s Pittsburgh Chapter. Sebastian recently served as the Director for the chapter as well as served as the President of ASCE’s Geotechnical Institute. In the episode, Sebastian and I discussed many causations of sinking cities, while pointing out case studies all over the world where sinking cities are such as; Mexico City, Bogota Colombia and much more. To finish out the episode, we covered engineering and environmental approaches to slow or remediate these sinking cities.

Another episode that may be of interest to fellow members is an interview with Dr. Kent Harries. Dr. Harries is a tenure Professor at the University of Pittsburgh and is an active Fellow of ASCE Pittsburgh, ACI and IIFC. He will be featured in Woke Talk Podcast’s upcoming episode, Materials of the Future where we plan to discuss building materials that are used now, and showcase materials that could shake up the way we build our infrastructure in the future due to climate change action.

In many episodes to come, we plan to shine a spotlight on many other important members of Pittsburgh’s ASCE Chapter. These episodes include; Public Transit, US Infrastructure, The Importance of Engineering, Diversity in Engineering, Women in STEM and much more. If you would be interested in being involved in these conversations please, feel free to go to the Contact Us page on our website (, or email us at To stay up to date with the podcast, connect with me on LinkedIn, or look up Everything STEAM on social media.

To listen or watch the interview with Mr. Guerrero, head to Our Streaming Platforms. You can listen to our podcast episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor by Spotify, Stitcher and Amazon Music. To view our video content, look us up on YouTube or use the link above! We hope that you enjoy our content and support us in our cause to make our society more STEAM informed, thank you.

About the Author: My name is Sam Stanford, and I am a Physicist, Structural EIT and alumni of the University of Pittsburgh. For more background information about myself, I was a member of Pitt ASCE, awarded top Civil Engineer of the Spring 2021 Graduating Class, Summa Cum Laude at the University of Pittsburgh and Slippery Rock University, and was inducted into the Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society.

Woke Talk Podcast is not an ASCE sponsored program and the views expressed are their own and may not reflect the views of ASCE.

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