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ASCE-PGH Author Guidelines

The ASCE-PGH blog, Rocks, Roads, Ripples N'At, is looking for new articles to post.  To ensure the blog posts remain at the high quality expected from this professional group, the following guidelines should be considered before submitting an article.

Word limit

We recommended that articles range from 300 to 1,000 words.  There is no upper word limit to the ASCE blog, but articles less than 200 word will not be posted. 


The content of the article must be related to Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Readers should have a take-away of useful facts and information after reading the post. Content that appears biased, unfounded, politically-charged, or otherwise inappropriate may not be posted.


We recommend including one small image about 175 px by 175 px in size.  This photo will be used in the upper left-hand corner of the blog, and will not be larger than the specified dimensions.  Images that work well include relevant logos, small photographs, or relevant icons.  Other images (of any size) are also recommended to include in the body of the article.  These pictures can be placed within the submitted article, or sent in the same email as separately jpegs.

Pre-submission Review

Your article must be reviewed before it is posted on the ASCE-PGH blog.  We suggested that the article be reviewed by 1-2 ASCE members, and, if applicable, technical presenters highlighted in the piece.  If you cannot find reviewers, ASCE-Pittsburgh will assign reviewers to you.  Describe the review process that was performed on the article in the email submittal (see Submission section).

Communications Committee Review

All article submissions are first distributed and approved by the ASCE-Pittsburgh Communications Committee before it can be posted.  Majority approval by the Communications Committee is needed to post the article.  If the submitted article does not receive majority approval, it will be sent back to the authors with reasons from the Communications Committee and/or with suggested edits for potential article resubmission.  Approved articles will also often have minor edits suggested to the author, which will be incorporated before the article is posted.


The ASCE-PGH blog can have links to redirect readers to outside webpages and to pdf documents.  The web address or pdf documents for these links should be sent in the email submittal with a description of the link placement.


Properly cite all figures included in the post.  Cite necessary content and list the references at the end of the post in the ACS format.  List the author and contributors in the email with the submitted article.  Be sure to include the appropriate contact information for follow-up. 


Submit your reviewed article in word format to Djuna Gulliver ( with the subject head "Blog Post: (Enter the title of the article)”.  In the email, describe the review process that was completed (see Pre-submission Review section), a description of any links in the article (see Links section), and a list of the author(s) of the article and significant contributors.

Thank you for contribution to the advancement of our professions. We look forward to your contribution.  Please contact Erin Feichtner with questions.    

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