YMF Mentorship Program

What is the ASCE-YMF Mentorship Program?

The YMF Mentor Program connects local ASCE student and young members with industry professionals in a one-on-one relationship aimed at supporting the mentee's career and professional development goals. All mentees are paired with a local professional mentor based on their interests and career path goals. The mentoring relationship is a personal commitment where mentors and mentees are jointly responsible for its success.

Mentorship pairs will communicate on their terms in a way that best suits each person (phone, email, in person). Group meetings will be held by the YMF to give everyone a more structured location for meeting in person.

Interested in Signing up as a Professional Mentor?

Volunteers will be matched with a local civil and environmental engineering student based on school, CEE area of concentration, and general interests.

The YMF will facilitate group mentorship meetings throughout the year as well as give YOU the tools to begin a great one-on-one relationship with your mentee!

If you were previously involved with the mentorship program we urge you to please sign up again and continue helping local college students.

Click here to sign up to be a mentor.

Interested in Signing up as a Student Mentee?

Information on the current professional mentors can be found here.

Click here to sign up to be a mentee.

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