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    • 15 Sep 2017
    • 2:15 PM
    • Empire Apartments Building - Oakland

    The 2017 Steel Day tour will be at the Empire Apartments Construction site on Friday September 15, 2017! 

    Take a tour of the new mixed-use housing complex right in the heart of Oakland! Please plan to arrive around 2:15pm. The tour will begin at 2:30pm. 

    Attendees will be required to bring their own PPE (Hard hats, safety glasses, boots, gloves, and high visibility vests). Additional details will be provided by e-mail after you register.  Registration is limited.

    1 PDH will be provided for the tour. 

    For more information please contact SEI Chair, Greg Holbrook @

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    • 04 Oct 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • TBD

    Condition Evaluation of Existing Structures: Concrete and Steel

    Purpose and Background

    Before a structure is renovated, the designers and contractors typically need to assess the existing conditions. The extent of the required strengthening or repair often depends on the information gained during the evaluation. But what exactly needs to be discovered? Which evaluation techniques should be used? What to do if the design budget is insufficient for an in-depth evaluation? These and similar questions inevitably arise during condition assessments -  and they deserve answers.

    This webinar provides a primer on the topic of condition evaluation of existing concrete and steel structures. It explains which assessment protocols are available and which destructive and nondestructive evaluation techniques are most effective for various needs and situations. Real-life examples of dealing with the challenges involved illustrate the discussion.

    After an overview of the condition evaluation standards and guidelines, the instructor explains which potential problems could be encountered for each material and how to recognize them. He then addresses the basic options for investigation. They include both destructive and nondestructive assessment methods as well as full-scale load testing. The latter can be done following the procedures contained in various standards.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Become familiar with cost-effective methods of condition evaluation of existing concrete and steel structures
    • Explore typical problems of concrete and iron based materials, their symptoms, and techniques for identifying them
    • Increase your knowledge of contemporary destructive and nondestructive testing procedures

    Webinar Benefits

    • Learn about structural properties of archaic concrete, steel and iron materials
    • Find out how to "read" concrete cracks
    • Discover how full-scale load testing can help determine the load capacities of proprietary and archaic floor and roof systems
    • Learn how to estimate compressive strength of early concrete and yield strength of early steel reinforcing bars
    • Examine practical methods of analyzing cast-iron columns and other metal structures

    Intended Audience

    Structural and civil engineers, architects, contractors, and building officials seeking to broaden their knowledge of condition evaluation of existing concrete and steel structures will benefit from this webinar.

    Webinar Outline

    • Introduction
    • General methods of investigating existing conditions
    • Evaluation of concrete structures
    • Evaluation of iron and steel structures

    Note: SEI Pittsburgh is getting a single site license for this webinar.  You must come to the hosted location to view the webinar.

    • 18 Jan 2018
    • TBD

    Tentative date for the annual joint Bridge Meeting.  Details coming soon.

Past events

11 May 2017 SEI Dinner: District 11 Accelerated Bridge Replacement Project
16 Mar 2017 POSTPONED: Tips for Optimizing Structural Masonry
17 Jan 2017 SEI/ABCD Joint Dinner: UAV "Drones" for Bridge Inspection
07 Dec 2016 Webinar: Pier and Beam Foundation Design for Wind and Flood Loads
02 Nov 2016 SEI Dinner Lecture - Ultra High-Performance Concrete
30 Sep 2016 Steel Day Tour of Kennywood
15 Apr 2016 Tour of Central Catholic STEM Building
22 Mar 2016 SEI - Structural Sustainability Mini-Course
21 Jan 2016 SEI / ABCD Joint Dinner Meeting
17 Dec 2015 Webinar: Introduction to Rock Mechanics
02 Dec 2015 ACE Mentoring: Structural Engineering
25 Sep 2015 Steel Day 2015
22 Jan 2015 SEI/ ABCD Joint Dinner
03 Dec 2014 ACE Structural Engineering Session
19 Sep 2014 SEI Steel Day Tour
11 Sep 2014 SEI Webinar: Verification of Computer Calculations by Approximation Methods
23 Jan 2014 I-90 Cleveland Innerbelt CCG1 - Expediting a Major Project through Design-Build Delivery
19 Nov 2013 Dinner Meeting - BRADD Software Updates
04 Oct 2013 National Steel Day Tour - CJ Betters Enterprises Slag and Pig Iron Recycling
28 Aug 2013 Design of Anchor Bolts - A Live ASCE Webinar
13 Jun 2013 SEI Planning Meeting
02 May 2013 Structures Conference
12 Dec 2012 ACE Mentoring - Structures Session
08 Nov 2012 A Rather Unique View of Some New and Historic Bridges in Switzerland and France
28 Sep 2012 Steel Day Tour of Carrie Furnace
22 Mar 2012 RSVP BY 3/19: Thin Concrete Shell Roofs: Designing With a Builder's Mentality
19 Jan 2012 ABCD - ASCE SEI Joint Meeting: Lake Champlain Bridge Erection
14 Dec 2011 ACE Mentor Program: Structural Session
23 Sep 2011 SEI American Bridge Tour
11 Jun 2011 Structural Scavenger Hunt
05 May 2011 B.I.M. Seminar for the Structural Engineer
04 Nov 2010 Tips to Optimize Structural Masonry
24 Sep 2010 SteelDay 2010
21 Jan 2010 Guided Walking Tour of the Consol Energy Arena
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